My Art

I have carved Tiki’s for many years and have tried various mediums, but I love working with my recent materials –lightweight concrete– as it allows me to hand sculpt large and impressive Tiki’s while keeping the weight within manageable limits.
I am currently expanding on my “Mai Tai” series which will include more Tiki’s and other tropical inspired designs that are also functional products that are all related to drinking beverages. Below are a few Tiki’s that are already made or still in design; “Shots”, “The Waiter”, “While You’re Up”, and “King Da’Shoots” are the first creations and several more concepts will be coming soon.
My second series will be focused on pool and backyard products which will function as towel holders, misters, solar showers, ice chests, BBQ islands, Tiki torches, and music speakers, just to name a few. I have some very exciting concepts in mind and I would love to share them with you, so please follow me on Facebook at
Tiki Carvings
“Mai Tai” series

“Shots” – The first of my lightweight Tiki carvings and the first within the “Mai Tai” series where each Tiki will dispense beverages. Shots holds two bottle holders that evenly dispenses a 2 oz shot. Shots was successfully raffled off at a Hawaiian Luau party, but I am available to create another unique and spectacular Tiki just for you.

“The Waiter” – Standing 6′ 8″ tall, “The Waiter” commands respect and is committed to providing excellent service. Don’t let The Waiter’s impressive size intimidate you, he is a gentle giant and his goal is to provide you the best dinning experience and he’ll even bring you a tasty beverage to sample. His offering might be a shot of his favorite tequila or maybe a taste of vintage port wine. The Waiter is currently available for purchase, delivery and set up is available. Contact me for more information.
Ready For Purchase for $220.00. Free delivery within the San Diego Area. Out of area shipping is available for additional fee, please call or email for shipping details.

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“While You’re Up” – This special Tiki was created for two good friends and was given to them as a wedding gift. While You’re Up (WYU) has an ice cooler within his head, two openings on the sides are lined with a wire basket to allow the beverage bottles to stay cool while also creating the head dress for this crazy long tongued tiki.

Other Art Items
Yucca Walking Sticks

These walking sticks are created from Yucca Flower stalks that are harvested after the flowering season ends. The Yucca plant dies after flowering so harvesting does not harm the plant. I use a variety of materials to adorn the sticks such as; braided Yucca leaves, Yucca seeds, beads, stones, sea shells, and jewelry. Custom theme and sizes are available. Please call or email me if you wish to have a custom walking stick made.